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Did you Know:

Over 200,000 causes of cancers are diagnosed in children and teens under the age of 19 years old every year. 

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Support Talking Angels

Through fundraising and monetary donations, the organization is able to purchase sherpa throw keepsake blankets which are embroidered with the Talking Angels logo. The keepsake blankets are donated to palliative care, hospice, skilled nursing facilities and or other organizations to give to patients or their families. The keepsake blanket donation is intended to be a kind, comforting warm gesture and a gentle reminder that Talking Angels cares and that you are not alone

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The mission of Talking Angels is not to take away the emotional pain during the medical treatment and or chronic illness of a loved one, but to ease it.

Latest Causes


Year-end 2020 since founded in 2018, over 500 keepsake blankets have been donated to various organizations and or individuals battling some type of chronic illness, ie., cancer, sickle cell, lupus.  The donation of the keepsake blanket mission continues in 2021! This years goal is to donate over 500 blankets in a single year!

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Addi and brother

Please meet Addison and her little brother Micah.  Addison was diagnosed with Pre-B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in October 2018.  Although she has her good days and not so good days, she is winning the fight and she is a survivor!  Addi's last treatment is just a few months away, scheduled in December 2020.  "Addi,"as her friends and family refer to her, remains a quite active and vibrant 9 year old.  She is a student at the Pablove Foundation Shutterbug program, where kids with cancer are taught photography.  As a student of the Foundation, Ms. Addison was a special guest at the 2019 Golden Globe awards in Beverly Hills, California where she walked the Red carpet and photographed and met various celebrities.  Addi's latest venture, she was a cast of the production Annie, which was held near her home town in Santa Clarita, CA.  Ms. Addison loves the spotlight, is rather outspoken and welcomes well wishes!! 


Today is the day... The day Addi and her family have been waiting for, for the past 2 years 2 months and 16 days which Addi fought and received treatment for her October 2018 diagnosis of Pre-B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. On this day, December 27, 2020 "so many emotions. There is immense joy and gratitude for sure! But this isn't the final sigh of relief I anticipated. 

Throughout this journey we have met so many new friends. Friends with the same cancer, different cancers, and friends with other illnesses that aren't cancer. Some friends have made it to the finish line and now struggling with complications. Some friends got very close, relapse happened, and they are back at a new starting line. Some friends aren't fighting cancer, but other illnesses that don't have a finish line or a bell to ring at the end. 


I just wish so badly I could scoop everyone up into my arms and bring them all with us across the finish line."🦄


💜Cassandra Cross Rivera, Addi's mom 💜

How Could You Help


A donation of any amount will assist in supporting the cause and reaching our annual keepsake blanket purchase and donation goal. Support, make a purchase through smile.amazon.com


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