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Founded in 2018 Talking Angels is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Through fundraising and monetary donations, the organization is able to purchase sherpa throw keepsake blankets which are embroidered with the Talking Angels logo. The keepsake blankets are donated to palliative care, hospice, skilled nursing facilities and or other care organizations to give to patients or their families. The keepsake blanket donation is intended to be a kind, comforting warm gesture and a gentle reminder that Talking Angels cares and that you are not alone. The mission of Talking Angels is not to take away the emotional pain during the medical treatment and or chronic illness of a loved one, but to ease it.

The idea began in 2011 when Chuck, a Korean war army veteran and a loving father and grandfather was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Chuck was given six months to live. During his 5-months in-home care, the hospice office and nursing staff demonstrated sincere warmth for Chuck. As a caring gesture, the hospice facility shared with his family various hand-made crafts, including a hand-crocheted blanket, which was donated by volunteers. Years later, the beautiful blanket remains a keepsake. It is not only a memory of Chuck, but also a pleasant memory of the kindness received from the hospice facility.

In early 2018 hospice was experienced a second time. Naomi, a colon-cancer survivor, a mother to three daughters, a grandmother of five, a great grandmother to one and a loving mom to all, battled Parkinson’s disease. Following 2-weeks of being declared hospice, Naomi, surrounded by family and friends, peacefully passed away. Nevertheless, the two weeks prior to Naomi’s in-home passing, the care and concern she received as well as comforting conversations and preparations her family also experienced from the hospice staff were beyond heartfelt.


Chuck was the stepfather, and Naomi is the mother of founder Chandra Fisher.

One wish was that the angels could talk. Through this organization and blog, the angels are talking.


Founder, Chandra is a California native. A former Brownie, Girl Scout and Cadet, she is a community servant and thrives from philanthropy work. Have worked in health care for more than 20 years, Chandra's mission is to assist those in need and to always give back. In hopes of giving back on a larger charitable scale, Talking Angels was established.


The non profit was founded and inspired by her experiences with hospice during her stepfathers' transition in 2011 and her mothers in 2018. She describes her experiences with hospice as caring, compassionate, comforting and heartfelt. To assist with coping with the loss of a loved one, a blog was also created and can be found on the Talking Angels web page. The blog is a forum to share and learn and express grief. Through this organization and blog, the Angels are Talking.

Founder for Talking Angels Non-Profit Organization

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