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J's Story

In January, I was diagnosed with rectal cancer (stage 2a).  This might sound weird, but getting that call was both devastating and relieving because I knew something was off in my body and had been telling doctors for almost a year.  If it were not for me advocating for myself, we might not have caught the cancer in a sufficient time to stop it from spreading and save my life.  

Today, I completed week 2 out of 20 total weeks where I go in for daily radiation and chemotherapy.  

In a conversation with a fellow warrior receiving treatment, we bonded over how people have been in awe of our positive demeanors when we have shared our diagnosis with them.  Here's the truth - Everyday is a mental, physical and emotional battle dealing with something so terrifying as cancer.  And yet, we recognized a part of the remedy for curing our illnesses is emitting positive energy in spite of our current circumstances.  

At 37, this by far is the greatest life challenge I'm fighting to overcome.

However, I know I will make it to the other side with restored health, largely due to my partner, family and the entire circle of loved ones, community, colleagues and medical staff providing me with the love, care and support.


And with that, we gon' fight wit a smile 🙂

// J 💙💙💙

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